About us

The Manitek accountancy firm was established as a joint project of a couple devoted to working with business figures and data that had a clear vision. This has been to translate our long-term experience in the field of accountancy, taxes, controlling, data administration and software solutions into consulting services for our clients in relation to their business implementation.

We believe that we are the partner who can support all types of customers that need helping hand with their accounting. We are happy to offer our services to companies that:

  • Would like to outsource their accounting activities and that wish to have their agenda managed on a high-quality level in their own software environment,
  • Expect quality business information which we gain by using our IT systems and by providing comfortable deliverables.
  • Moreover, we are also happy to support the companies that we can walk through the use of the Finance and Distribution modules in the IFS Applications ERP system, as this has been the key tool of our work for over 17 years.

The goal of Manitek is to offer small and medium-size enterprises reliable accounting services as well as partnership-based access to other fields of company’s internal management.

Thanks to its valuable experience in various areas, Manitek can focus on the comprehensive solving of customer’s issues and not only on accounting and tax aspects of potential solutions. We are really pleased when, thanks to our work, our clients are able to grow businesswise and when, based on our cooperation, we can become part of our partner company’s team.