Systems in place

We actively search for effective working solutions – even though we like our job our free time is even more important. Therefore, we focus on the use of correct IT tools that enable us to organise our working activities and complete our tasks in the optimal time.

IFS ERP System

  • Company information system,
  • Guarantees the authenticity and trustworthiness of data we use.
  • The impossibility to delete the entered data increases transparency and trustworthiness for auditors and financial and state institutions.
  • Thanks to the correct IFS system set-up, the manager of your economic department can see all the completed/closed and open accounting activities of their team.
  • Management accounting enables the customer to monitor their financial agenda in several segments (product, order, centre,…).


  • Documentation system management,
  • Digitization covering more than just accounting,
  • On-line access
  • Approving documents,
  • Preparing templates that would load data when creating documents,
  • User-friendly control.


  • Reporting information system,
  • Professional overview of data in the form of tables and charts,
  • Interactive data display,
  • User-friendly (you do not need to be a programmer),
  • Possibility to automatically download data from several sources.


  • Tool to optimize and manage tasks and activities,
  • Recording tasks, deadlines and monitoring their meeting,
  • Assigning work activities and evaluating working time per products and clients,
  • Recording hours at work.


  • Tool for managing training materials and guidelines,
  • Interactive sharing of documents,
  • Cooperating on content,
  • Clear sharing of obtained training materials.