Do you own a small or medium-size enterprise and have a feeling that you are overloaded with the management of financial activities and business processes? Are you in a state when your business-related agenda is not big enough to have an internal person dealing only with such activities and, at the same time, do you run business the nature of which makes such person’s presence a must? We will help you cover a wide range of services in the field of accounting, financial controlling, internal processes, IT and administrative support. You and your employees will thus only have to deal with your customers and business.

Accounting and finance

Would you like to be fully aware of your current revenues and costs all the time? Do you need extra capacities for your payroll related tasks? We will make sure you have your key accounting information at hand and will advise you in the field of taxes.

What do our services include?

  • Double-entry accounting,
  • Tax consultancy,
  • Management accounting,
  • Preparing payroll agenda,
  • Managing payroll files.

Business support

Do you know how to set up the prices of your products and services correctly? Which order is worth taking? We will teach you how to improve the efficiency of your time and company money management.

What do our services include?

  • Reporting and presenting accounting and business-related data,
  • Product and service calculation,
  • Company executives’ support related to communication and cooperation with institutes or legal representatives,
  • Preparing documents for the purpose of loan or leasing approval procedure.


Do you miss a person that would supervise the business-related running of your company instead of taking care of the accounting and tax liabilities only? Do you have no time to visit financial institutions and prepare endless documents one needs for loan or leasing approval procedures? Let us take care of that and we will represent you before authorities.

Internal processes

Do you feel that your team could be more effective but you are loaded with more important work tasks? We will have a close look at your organisational structure and on how regulations are observed in your company.

What do our services include?

  • Mapping internal company processes,
  • Preparing internal training materials,
  • Auditing compliance with internal processes,
  • Preparing internal regulations,

Training employees at different departments

As regards our customers, we focus on the functioning of their company as a whole and not only on their accounting department. Over the years of experience, we have established our skills for managing internal processes and training employees.

Archiving and availability of legal documents in a software solution

What should a supply contract contain? How to protect confidential documents from unauthorised access? Let our lawyers and IT experts help you. We will help you to safely archive your accounting and other important documents and make them available on-line.

We will arrange for the administration of your 365 office package, document archiving and data security. We will be happy to have a look at available software solutions designed to manage your company.

What do our services include?

  • Preparing documents in cooperation with our lawyer,
  • Administering contracts and documents,
  • Digitizing company documents and data,
  • On-line access to documents for our customers.

IT Support

Is the computer both your salvation and your curse? We will help you administer your electronic devices and will teach you how to share your work documents internally in a simple and safe manner.

What do our services include?

  • IT user support,
  • Administration of ERP or other systems,
  • SQL reporting,
  • Administration of Microsoft 365 system,
  • Backing up data, backing up Microsoft 365 system, administration of passwords on the company level,
  • Operative support of company IT systems and communication with partners providing system maintenance,
  • Assisting with ERP software implementation,
  • Data migration.

Expert in
IFS ERP system

We have had 17 years of experience with the Finance, Purchasing and Project Management module. We like working with data and the ERP system and base trust on data and results.

What do our services include?

  • Support for the Finance, Purchasing, Warehouses, and Project Management modules,
  • Training new employees in working with IFS,
  • Refresher training of skilled EFS users,
  • Operative or temporary representation of employees when working with IFS (holidays, sick leave, staffing changes),
  • Supporting IFS users in order to achieve settings that would improve the effectiveness of system usage,
  • Joint preparation of effective processes in IFS,
  • IFS implementation-related consulting services.

Back Office

Do you need another pair of skilled hands that would organise your business trips or “run through” different authorities? Do you lack capacities for processing documentation from business trips? It is an easy task for us to handle. Our customers also trust us with submitting payment orders.

What do our services include?

  • Receiving and delivering mail,
  • Organising business trips,
  • Making business trip entries,
  • Submitting payment orders,
  • Communication with suppliers.

Borders are no
limits for us

We have been a partner specialising in accounting for our European clients. Thanks to our work experience from abroad and cooperation with foreign partners we are able to provide services based not only on Slovak but also Czech, Austrian and Belgian legislation.

We manage books and tax liabilities of companies in the following countries:

  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Belgium