Cookies EN


We use “cookies” files on our websites in order to provide visitors with greater comfort when viewing them. “Cookies” are small text files that websites create on your device when you access them.
Our websites use so-called “session cookies”, as well as the so-called “persistent cookies”.
Session cookies allow you to scroll through the individual tabs of our pages and remember any information you enter here. The session cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser or shortly afterwards.
Persistent cookies allow these websites to remember your preferences and settings for your future visit and thanks to them, e.g. you don’t need to keep logging in. Persistent cookies expire automatically after a certain set time.
Our websites use cookies, which:
Improve the performance of websites by collecting information about the way visitors use them (e.g. which bookmarks are visited the most),
They increase the functionality of the websites and bring them closer to you by enabling us to remember your previous choices. However, this information is not used to identify you or to remember where you have been on the Internet.
They enable some tools to work, provide anti-spam measures and also access to age-restricted content,
And enable some of our suppliers to provide services that they provide on our behalf in relation to the websites.
“Cookies” aren’t viruses. They are just text files that don’t contain any program and thus cannot be run as a program. The “cookies” file cannot be copied and distributed over the Internet. However, your Internet browser sends them to the website they belong to every time you visit them, and it is then displayed in your settings in the Internet browser.
With the help of “cookies” files, we can also generally record statistical data about the behavior of visitors to these websites. Thanks to this, we can tailor them to your interests and requirements.
“Cookies” help us to identify a particularly popular or problematic part of the website, but they cannot be linked to a specific user. 
We also use “cookies” files for the purposes of your authentication, i.e. to eliminate the need to enter your personal identification data every time you access our websites. At the same time, we also use them for the purpose of customizing the website according to your needs, i.e. for the website to continue to be displayed in the language of your choice or in a certain graphic format.
Of course, you can browse these websites without cookies, but it is possible that some of their functions will be limited and the comfort of use will be reduced. Most browsers accept these files automatically, but it is possible to prevent their storage by selecting the option “do not accept cookies” in the browser settings. You can also delete the “cookies” files that have already been saved on your device at any time. You can find out the exact settings of this function by using the “Help” of your browser.
By using the websites operated by Manitek s.r.o., you express your consent to the use of “cookies” files in the manner mentioned above.